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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Toots the Cat, who had originally appeared in "Bird Blanket Bingo" with our cast has returned! She's now sporting red hair! We hope you like the hair color change and the fact that she has nearly stopped wearing clothing!

Here is Toots as she appeared in another G-Rated comic strip. Her costume was in pretty bad shape and needed to be replaced but there wasn't time to re-create her dress.

Toots, trooper that she is, did her scene completely in the nude in front of a blue screen, with her dress to be added in later. She found that she didn't mind the other cast members seeing her totally nude. Actually, she liked it!

She enjoyed shooting in the nude so much, that she has decided to start doing some nude work on the side, sometimes with other nude models.

She hopes to do well enough in this naked endeavor that she never has to wear clothing ever again. She accepts Paypal!

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